Ensure (400g)

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Unique heart protection combination
Contains 11 heart-protecting nutrients, does not contain trans fats and cholesterol, and effectively maintains heart and blood vessel health. Meets American Heart Association recommendations**

Complete and balanced nutrition, no lactose
Contains 26 vital elements, provides complete and balanced nutrition, and avoids diarrhea caused by lactose discomfort.

Unique Prebiotics Probiotic Fiber
Helps stimulate the proliferation of beneficial bacteria in the intestines and enhance resistance.

Contains Choline
Medical evidence helps to enhance memory.

Champion in Hong Kong sales for 19 consecutive years and the most recommended by family doctors
According to Ipsos Healthcare's 2014 Medical Nutrition Survey Report (Hong Kong Family Doctors), "Golden Plus" is the most balanced adult nutrition recommended by family doctors. It is widely recommended by medical staff and is definitely a guarantee of confidence.

According to Nielsen's retail survey report on high-nutrition beverages for adults in Hong Kong from January 1995 to December 2013 (not specified as being specially designed for babies/toddlers or mothers)