Glucerna® RTD ready-to-drink (230ml) 36 packs

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Developed by clinically. Provides complete and balanced nutrition. This product is for people who are concerned about blood sugar. New upgraded formula with diversified effects, this product may help stabilize blood sugar, maintain heart health, while reducing weight and repairing waist.

TripleCare Nutrition System:
• The most advanced formula for slow digestion of carbohydrates, low glycemic index.
• Contains Omega 3 (0.16g/100ml) and monounsaturated fatty acids (2.33g/100ml).
• The unique formula can be used as a meal replacement or snack to help reduce weight and improve waist*. *Cooperate with comprehensive management, including moderate diet and exercise

Glucerna® RTD is ready-to-drink, please shake well before drinking. Please store at room temperature before opening the box. After opening the box, please cover and refrigerate, and drink within 24 hours, otherwise discard.

- It can be used by children under the instructions of a doctor or medical professional. Not suitable for tube feeding.
- Not applicable to people with galactosemia.
- Not for intravenous injection.
- This product is not registered under the Pharmacy and Poisons Ordinance or the Chinese Medicine Ordinance.
- Any claims made for this product have not been evaluated for such registration.
- This product is not intended for diagnosis, treatment or prevention of any disease.