Nutricia - SOUVENAID (125ml) 48 bottles

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Nutricia Souvenaid is the only medical nutrition that has been published in The Lancet Neurology, an authoritative international cranial neurology journal. Contains patented nutritional formula Fortasyn Connect, including nutrients DHA, EPA, UMP, choline, vitamins, selenium, etc... These specific nutrients are difficult to absorb from daily diet alone. It has been clinically proven to effectively promote the formation of brain synapses, help connect nerve cells in the brain, improve memory, delay brain degeneration, and slow brain atrophy by up to 26%. Nutricia Souvenaid has no obvious side effects. It is recommended to take 1 bottle a day to start the habit of nurturing the brain early. There are two flavors, coffee flavor and vanilla flavor. Ready-to-drink bottled, convenient and hygienic. Just open and drink.


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