Nutren® Optimum® (800g)

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L.P. Probiotics and Prebiotic helps promote gut health, and support immunity. Each serving (at standard dilution) provides 10 g protein (whey to casein 1:1). Whey protein is easy to digest and helps maintain muscle health 27 vitamins and minerals helps promote body immune. Origin Switzerland Product Description NUTREN® Optimum Nutritional Supplement is a nutritionally balance formula, it contains L.P. Probiotics, Prebiotic fibers, 50% whey protein, multiple vitamins and minerals, help enhance body immunity. Suitable for people at risk of malnutrition and support recovery. Skin Type For people concern on immunity Inadequate oral intake Adult and elderly malnutrition Feeling fatigue or weak Recovering from illness Pre and post operation Age Group For people concern on immunity, Inadequate oral intake, adult and elderly malnutrition Feeling fatigue or weak.Recovering from illness, pre and post operation How to Use Standard dilution: 7 scoops (55g) powder to 190ml water to prepare a glass of NUTREN® Optimum