Refund policy

Return policy


iNutrition's service attitude is professional and prudent, and the order has been reviewed repeatedly before the order is sent to ensure that the product quality is good. We provide a "3-day product return shopping guarantee". If you find that the product is damaged, incomplete or deteriorated when you receive it, we are happy to return the product for you. You can use WhatsApp 62766880 or email to process the return or exchange of the goods.


Please provide the following information when handling the return or exchange of goods:


-The order number


-Receive the damage/details of the ordered product


-Please enclose the electronic drawing of the damaged product


When we receive your return notice and follow up immediately after confirming it, please save the damaged product first. We will return the goods approximately 7 working days after receiving the return. After the application is approved, we will ask you to send the damaged product back to us for replacement. The delivery fee will be paid by iNutrition.


The following products will not accept product returns:


-The product is more than 3 days from the date of delivery. The product has been opened or has been used (for example, the packaging tape or the box is torn off)


-The product has not been packaged intact, has been damaged, damaged or incomplete (the package has been damaged when it is received or the product box is intact but the contents are not limited)


-Any discounted products, clearance products or special sale products that show that returns are not acceptable


-Any free gifts and trial gifts


-Any product not purchased at iNutrition


If the product packaging specifications differ from the actual product, the actual product shall prevail. In case of any dispute, iNutrition reserves the right of final decision without any objection.