COMPAT ELLA® enteral feeding pump


- Continuous and interval feeding regimen from 1 ml to 4000 ml, with or without dose limits
- Flow rate from 1ml/hour to 600ml/hour
- Monitor rate and transfer progress in running mode
- Color screen, easy to understand pump status, battery life, pump mode symbols
- Clear U-shaped keyboard with icon labels
- The full-text information line on the screen conveys the status of the pump, helps plan nutritional treatments and help solve problems
- Can be cleaned under warm water

Accurate and safe:
- Upper and lower throat occlusion alarm and air insertion alarm
- + -5% flow rate accuracy
- AAFF technology: Automatically prevent free flow, enhance patient safety
- Separate feeding history: 1) current feeding program and 2) cumulative ml
- Keypad lock helps avoid accidental changes

Portable use:
- Lightweight and portable, it can be operated anywhere
- 24 hours battery life (6-8 hours charge), feeding flow rate is 125ml/hour

Advanced Features:
- PDMS connection (patient data management system)
- Interval mode provides specific volume at specified time interval
- The treatment lock can help avoid accidental treatment changes
- 30 days of feeding history
- Quiet night mode: no alarm at the end of the feeding program