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buyOptifast®Series products as low as7fold.

Where to buyOptifast® Three boxes or more of series products, get free1AOptifast dedicatedshake shakecup.


Where to buy a boxOral Impact®Suyusu, That is, get a new listingBoost Soothe™Fast addiction™ 1Package and2BaosuyusuTropical fruit flavor sample pack.

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buySupportan®CalicoCancer nutrition products can enjoy85fold.

Where to buy two boxes(48support) Supportan®CalicoSpecial nutrition products for cancer4Chikalikang


buySouvenaid®Smart and Agile® Medical brain nourishing formula can be enjoyed85fold.

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buyDiasip®Tang Yishi® Special nutritional products for people who care about blood sugar95fold.

Where to buy two boxes(48support) Diasip®Tang Yishi® Special nutrition products for people who are concerned about blood sugar are available, which is an extra gift4Zhisu Yishi®


buyGlucerna®Ipoh Kang® (400Gram) Can enjoy9fold.

Where to buyGlucerna®Ipoh Kang® (400Gram) Get one can1Bao Yipokang®Lightweight.



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Promotion date to:28-2-2021


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1. This offer is only applicable toiNutritionThe website purchases the specified product and it is expected to be invalid.

2. The number of products required for this offer is calculated based on a single transaction.

3. The taste of this promotional gift is randomly assigned by the supplier.

4. The gift quantity of this promotion is limited, while stocks last.

5. This offer is only applicable to iNutrition Members purchase products to use.

6. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with other offers.

7. The amount of patronage required for this promotion is calculated before adding the shipping fee.

8. All transactions that use the offer are not eligible for refund or replacement.

9. This offer has no cash value and cannot be exchanged for cash.

10. iNutrition Limited Reserve the right to change the terms and conditions related to the use of this offer and participate in the product list without prior notice.

11. If there is any dispute, iNutrition Limited All final decision is reserved.


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