Compat Ella® Pump Combiset 1L ENFit™ x 30


The Compat Ella® Pump Combiset 1L is intended for administration of enteral nutri-tion, fluids or medication and is suitable for use with the Compat Ella® feeding pump. NON-Sterile.

Features at a glance
Built-in Safety: All Compat Ella® administration sets fea-ture patented fail-safe Auto-Anti-Free-Flow (AAFF) tech-nolog y. AAFF is incorporated into the cassette and is al-ways automatically activated to ensure patient safety.
Safer Connectors: The ENFit™ connector is designed tobe  IV INcompatible to promote patient safety by helpingto avoid accidental misconnections.
Convenience: The integrated 1L reservoir offers a conve-nient open system with a built-in hanger and screw cap. The large top-fill opening allows to refill the bag with nu-trition or water without stopping the feeding program, or removing the reservoir from the hanger.
Food  Safe  Materials:  All  Compat  Ella®  administration sets are DEHP, BPA and Latex-Free*. The Flexibaggle® 1L reservoir is made of Ethylene-vinyl Acetate (EVA), a soft and food friendly material.
Convenient:·Enteral feeding tubes: ENFit™, ENLock, Funnel**·Medication dispensers: ENFit™, ENLock, Oral, Luer

A: Large top-fill opening with built-in hanger and screw cap
B: Flexibaggle® 1L container made of EVA with graduations (at 50 mL and every 100 mL) and tags for patientname and other important information (formula, volume, date and rate)
C: Compat Ella® pump cassette with integrated and patented Auto-Anti-Free-Flow (AAFF) safety feature
D: ENFit™ Y medication port
E: Removable medication port adapter (Luer, Oral and ENLock compatible) and cap
F: ENFit™ distal end (patient side tube connection)
G: Removable adapter with cap (ENLock and legacy funnel tubes compatible**)

Sterility: NON-sterile.
Packing: Individually packed in cases of 30 pieces (58.5 x 38.5 x 16 cm).
Storage: Store at room temperature. Keep away from sunlight and humidity.
Shelf life: 3 years from production date. Expiry date on the package.
Duration of use:24 hours. Single Use.
Tube Length: Distance from bag to patient side tube connection: 230 cm.
             Distance from Flexibaggle® to pump: 50 cm.
Tube diameters: Nominal inner diameter: 3.0 mm. Nominal outer diameter: 4.15 mm.
CE Mark: Complies with the European Medical Device Directive 93/42 EEC. A CE Certification has beenissued by an accredited Notified Body: TÜV SÜD (CE0123).
Ecological Footprint:The ‘Grüne Punkt’ symbol signals that Nestlé Health Science assumes its producer responsibility and contributes to the financing of the recycling.
Materials:Tubing: PVC and silicone. All materials DEHP, BPA and Latex-free*. Additional details on request.