Nutricia - Fortimel Complete and Balanced Nutrition Drink (Vanilla Flavour) 335g x 6 Cans Promotion Set

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FORTIMEL is a complete and balanced nutrition drink suitable for adult as supplement or sole source of nutrition. Power up body immunity with 2 servings per day!

* Enriched with revolutionary immuno-nutrients: Vitamin D+Zinc+Selenium, which activates and powers up self-immune response.
*Contains dual Protein with Vitamin D and Calcium that strengthen bone-muscle health and physical fitness.
* Specialized Omega Ω6 and Ω3 for a better cardiovascular health
* Formulated with golden Carbohydrate to Fat ratio, which maintains a balanced body nutrition level.
*Healthier daily option with low sugar and sodium content, *Imported from Germany

For standard preparation method with
1kcal/ml, mix 50 ml of water with 8 scoops of powder and stir until the powder is completely dissolved.
Prepare the drink per serving and use within 2 hours. Always discard unfinished feeds.

Gluten free. Not suitable for patients with cows milk protein allergy and galactosaemia. If you have any concern, please consult your health care professional.