Fortisip® Compact Protein™ Nutritional Supplement for Cancer (125ml) 24 bottles

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The first high-energy and high-protein medical nutrition researched with cancer patients
Some cancer patients will experience muscle loss and weight loss. Studies have shown that if the weight loss exceeds 5%, the treatment effect will be affected.

FORTISIP Health Care provides 2.45 kcal of energy per milliliter, which is the highest energy and protein-containing nutritional product on the market, helping patients maintain their weight and energy requirements. Cancer or the course of treatment may cause different side effects, such as loss of appetite, mouth ulcers, dysphagia, etc., which can lead to insufficient food intake, malnutrition, and weight loss.

FORTISIP Health Care is the smallest bottle of medical nutrition on the market, ready to drink and easy to drink. The nutritional supplements in small bottles can be easily accepted by patients, and can also relieve the pressure of worrying about not being able to complete the food. Cancer and the treatment process have the opportunity to affect the patient's sense of taste, and changes in taste will affect the patient's appetite, nutritional intake and weight.

There are 5 special flavors for patients to choose from, so that patients can choose their favorite flavors to promote their appetite, and they can also switch to nutritional flavors according to their preferences at any time. 5 flavors: original flavor, light ginger flavor, cold fruit flavor, vanilla flavor and coffee flavor.

It is recommended to drink 2 bottles a day between meals as a nutritional supplement.