[Promotional set] Oral Impact® (Ready-to-drink) Cancer treatment special nutrition (237ml x3) 6 boxes

$798.00 $834.00


• Unique immune nutrition – Contains arginine, nucleotides and Omega 3 fish oil 
• Clinical evidence can improve the immunity of cancer patients
• Significantly increase white blood cells and T lymphocytes in cancer patients2  
• Help reduce oral mucositis
• Help patients complete the cancer treatment on time, and alleviate side effects during chemotherapy and electrotherapy 
• Each pack provides 303 kcal of energy; cancer patients need to consume enough energy to maintain their weight 
• Tropical fruit flavor and coffee flavor, delicious 
• Made in Germany
1. Daly MD, Weintraub FN, Shou J,et al. Enternal Nutrition During Multimodality Therapy in Upper Gastrointestinal Cancer Patients. Annals of Surgery 1995; vol.221, No.4, 327-338
2. Maruyama T et al. Immunonutritional diet modulates natural killer cell activation and Th17 cell distribution in patients with gastric and esophageal cancer. Nutrition 2011. 27 146-152
3. Machon C, et al. Immunonutrition before and during radiochemotherapy: Improvement of inflammatory parameters in head and neck cancer patients. Support Care Cancer 2012;20: 3129-3135